Back again to more absurdity in the BH9. Buckle up now, babies. Before that, the news:

* The big general gossip is all about The Glands and the various crises she is having. She’s getting a non-cancerous tumor removed from her boobie sometime soon; she’s getting sued by the Oof-Ifs (more on that later); and her public dispute with Mr. and Mrs. LeeAnn Rimes continues. Mr. LeeAnn continues to lob accusations that The Glands is a neglectful mother who is just as boozy as she claims his current wife to be. On the bright side, this past week LeeAnn gave an interview on E! with Giuliana Rancic that must have been intended to improve the public’s perception of her; said interview apparently failed miserably, and The Glands says advance sales of her memoir got a big boost.

* Someone also told RadarOnline that The Glands is phonying up her disputes with her fellow cast members, and in real life she’s super chill and rational. Apparently no one gave the memo to the Oof-Ifs. Mr. & Mrs. Rimes clearly disagree with this assessment.

* The RHOC’s went off somewhere cold last week for what seems to be a wedding-related event for Tammy Sue, and guess who went with? Not only Assy, but also former Housewife Lauri Waring Peterson! Is she coming back?

* Oh, and guess what? Vic and Donn2 are OVER! WaHOO!!

* Aviva Drescher has recently given a couple of interviews to some person I haven’t really heard of in which she claims that she and Mo are on fine terms off camera, but Mo refuses to be on fine terms ON camera until Aviva self-flaggelates ON camera. I am wondering if Mo saw the recent episode of “Olivia” my youngest son saw on Nick Jr.; since then he has gone around the house pointing spoons and other instruments at family members, shouting “Bow DOWN when I speak!” He is 2, so it’s kind of cute.

* I know we’ve been talking about this for weeks, but Kim Zolciak is finally and officially gone from RHOA. She continues to claim she was unable to travel due to her pregnancy, and her castmates continue to claim she worked them over on it. Blergh.

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On with the show!

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