Part Deux of the BH Reunion and my second recap of the day…. what a cruel April Fools joke Mr. Andy has played on me by packing these California broads all into one night. We pick up where we left off, with the Richards Sisters arguing with Yo about whether or not she’s nice. Lisa tells everyone that she believes Yo that no Airport Conversation took place, because it wasn’t on camera and stuff Kyle said that was mean was, which to me is an answer that doesn’t make sense except to say that she’s on Team Yo, b*tches. Mr. Andy asks Lisa who she trusts, and she basically trusts everyone except Tay’s just okay and Kyle, well, she loves her but they have issues. Kyle says the future of their friendship is in Lisa’s hands. I’d say.   The Oof-Ifs   Time to discuss the elephant in the room, or the plastic circus lion who’s not, as the case may be: Adrienne, and the demise of the Oof-If marriage. Mr. Andy asks the ladies … Continue reading


Reunion time! It feels like we’ve hardly had time to reflect because, well, we have not. The BH9ers are back and there’s a lot of lace happening today: red lace (Yo), black lace (The Glands), pink-and-white lace with tutu (Kim)…. and then there’s Tay wearing a secondhand ice dancer costume with her Cocker Spaniel hair.

Mr. Andy announces, in his severest tone, that Adrienne decided “not to participate today”. He acknowledges that “_____________ was revealed that Adrienne refused to speak directly about”, and that her behavior “frustrated you – AND US.” Adrienne will not be back next season, he intones. The ladies gasp. “Her final act was not showing up tonight.” The bus’ ignition turned Mr. Andy now gives each of the other six ‘Wives a chance to drive it. Kyle thinks Adrienne has breached their “sisterhood”. Ever-sensible Lisa thinks Adrienne “changed the boundaries” – that when you go on reality TV you deal with your deal, whatever it may be, and that The Glands didn’t tell any secrets, she pointed out that Adrienne … Continue reading


Finale time! I am sensing a pattern here: a party, a fight, a FOH making outrageous statements and then wilting under the pressure, proving why there are an F and an O before her H. Is this the world we’re living in?

Around the ‘tubes:

* The Glands is flatly denying that the hookup she was caught in at Kyle’s White Party involved any nudity, and further claims she went on to date the gentleman in question for six full months before hiring him as her realtor, and moreover that the person who caught her was Lisa who can confirm everything she says.

* Adrienne, in her ongoing pursuit of attention (funny how that’s exactly what she claims The Glands and Dr. Paul seek – takes one to know one it seems) attended some Perez Hilton party in a corset, undies, and thigh-highs. That ought to further her brand. I am sure her kids are mortified, and if not they should be or will be soon.

* There’s some guy named Tom Murro who … Continue reading