Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap – 3/15/16

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Kathryn arrives next and Erika’s there too and all of the women kvell over Yolanda’s newly shorn hair, though Lisa Rinna is far too consumed by the palpable anxiety she feels after announcing to Eileen – and to a fleet of cameras – that she believes that Yolanda is definitely manipulative and potentially entirely full of horsesh*t. I can understand why Lisa fears that she’ll be taken to task for making those bold remarks because she will be. At this point, it’s probably best for her just to own her opinions, shrug her insanely defined shoulders, and shove a layer cake down her throat in front of Kathryn so she can finally put the rumors of an eating disorder to rest.

Camille’s event involves shopping for jewelry and the proceeds will go to charity. How can a scenario filled with such goodwill and hope become in any way dark? Yes, that right there was a rhetorical question, but I’ll go ahead and answer it anyway by saying that you stick Yolanda and new her best friend, Erika, at a table with Lisa Rinna and toss in some stilted conversation and a few tight smiles and all of a sudden this event about achieving survival is no longer so joyful. Instead it’s about Lisa glancing around carefully at the women she often surrounds herself with and declaring about Yolanda, “I don’t trust her.” Here’s what I hope: I hope that Lisa doesn’t feel the need to qualify her belief because I think she has every right to feel that way. She didn’t wake up one morning and randomly decide not to trust someone. She didn’t by happenstance settle on Yolanda as the person to keep at arm’s length. No, it was clearly a series of events and conversations and battles that caused her to form that opinion and I think she might be right to feel that way. I’m not saying that I don’t think Yolanda is legitimately sick; I do think she’s actually quite ill, but just like with Kim Richards and her very real addiction, being sick is not an excuse for being intolerable.

As for how Yolanda views Lisa Rinna, she reads a sad energy permeating off the woman she yelled at only a few weeks before. See, her Lyme disease has made her psychic and she just knows with certainty that something is very off with the woman she’s pretending is her friend. What else to do but get up and hug her? And what is Lisa to do in that moment besides bring up how confused and saddened (?!) she feels about Yolanda skipping Erika’s dinner party on the same day she elected to spend time with Kim and Brandi and then document their Genius Summit with photographic evidence? This right here strikes me as a bizarre and terribly crafted fight being waged by my second favorite Lisa. First of all, Yolanda hung out with those assh*les during the day so it makes sense to conclude she was too tired in the evening to trek all the way out to Pasadena. Secondly, Lisa can’t possibly care about Erika being ditched at the last minute, especially because Erika herself seems fine with it. The real issue seems to be that Lisa – for excellent reasons – hates Kim and Brandi because she’s human and she should, but that’s kind of a separate matter, no? I mean, if you claim that the woman sitting before you is manipulative as f*ck, why even get into a conversation like this? What could possibly be the outcome besides even more manipulation, this time in front of an audience at a charity event?

Yolanda is surprised by Lisa’s outburst and makes sure that the woman sitting before her knows exactly where she stands in Yolanda’s Friendship Ranking, which is organized daily and officially on a toxic-free wipe-board by her health advocate when she’s not doctor shopping for more pills for her boss. “Both Brandi and Kim have supported me more than all of you put together in my journey,” Yolanda tells Lisa while Kyle silently shoots daggers every which way upon hearing the news that her sister has it in her to be kind to someone as long as she’s not a blood relative. Also, Yolanda’s comment offends Kyle because she’s been to visit Yolanda! Those visits don’t matter, though. Yolanda doesn’t really like Kyle and she really doesn’t like Lisa Rinna and the reason for that, as she coldly informs Lisa, is because she has a huge trust issue with her since she’s the one who started all the sh*t that’s gone down about questioning the veracity of Yolanda’s illness. Such questions obviously do not stem at all from Yolanda Instagramming her every treatment to the world, so stop being silly. Rather than do something normal here like get up and walk away, Lisa hammers back that she just can’t understand how and why Yolanda sees fit to expend any of her sagging energy on pieces of sh*t like Kim and Brandi and yes, it is an odd choice, but it is Yolanda’s choice. Fight a battle you can win, Lisa. I don’t like watching the people I root for on this show throw punches that will never actually connect.

How does Lisa now feel about Yolanda? Well, I think we can ascertain the spiking levels of her hatred when she states bitterly, “You can get away with anything when you’re sick.” Oh, honey –this Reunion’s gonna be rough for you.

The next day, Lisa Vanderpump sits down with some friends to plan an event meant to stop the monsters who gleefully torture dogs in an area of China. She speaks of the travesty with true emotion and she’s launching a march to the Chinese embassy to advocate that this hideous practice stop for good. Kathryn joins her on her back patio to offer her some assistance and announces to us that she thinks Lisa Vanderpump is great and she doesn’t understand why Erika distrusts the woman so vociferously. For the record, Lisa lets it be known that she likes Kathryn, too. Erika might very well begin to spit fire when she sees that these two are forming a bond, but unfortunately she will not be able to share her newfound annoyance about the matter with her husband because he doesn’t allow her to speak unless spoken to and besides – she’s still grounded after her behavior at their last dinner party.

On a new night, the entire group – minus Erika and Yolanda – get together for dinner to celebrate the work they all did for Habitat for Humanity and to discuss a trip to Dubai some cruel producers have planned for them. It’ll be an awesome vacation! Mortal enemies who pretend to sometimes like one another will get to board a plane they will then be stuck inside of for sixteen straight hours before they arrive at a gorgeous locale so they can fight somewhere new for a change! Traveling is so fun. By the way, there are some fresh battle lines being drawn at dinner. Eileen informs Lisa Vanderpump that she will not be attending her march to stop canine genocide in the morning because she really needs a day off, but after the spats these two have had all season about a single incident during which Eileen did not care for the tenor of Lisa’s apology, all Lisa can hear is that Eileen is not supporting her or this important cause. Uh oh – now it’s awkward at that table and we all know how much Eileen hates awkwardness. To clear the filthy air, she decides to bust out that she knows that Lisa knows that she thinks that Lisa’s manipulative as f*ck, and who cares that she’s basing that decision on some event that happened about two years ago and involved Kim Richards, who is blessedly not even on this show anymore? Honestly, I feel compelled to tell you that I’m not even sure what this argument is even about because they are all talking in weirdly shaped circles and I have grown tired of listening to this bullsh*t. What I do know is that words like leader, follower, and Amsterdam were somehow tossed about and I really just wish someone would toss down a napkin, look everyone directly in the eye and calmly declare, “We are co-workers; we do not really need to be friends,” and then get up and walk away from the table. Sadly, this is one of my fantasies – along with having a closet the size of a large village – that does not come true.

For the record, Lisa Vanderpump does not think that she’s manipulative, Lisa Rinna refuses to accept that she’s a follower, and I’m almost positive that not a single morsel of food was consumed at that dinner, but let’s pretend that it makes perfect sense for them all to jet off to Dubai! I just love organically driven programming, don’t you?

The next day is Lisa’s protest march to stop Yulin from their heinous massacre of dogs and she’s hoping to get a big turnout in spite of the rain that’s falling in Beverly Hills. The group marches to the Chinese embassy where Lisa hoists herself atop someone’s shoulders and grabs a megaphone to inspire the crowd before inviting them all to come have a drink with her at Pump. I will say this: I currently support charities that raise money for cancer research and I am a member of The Humane Society, but before this episode, I knew nothing about this Yulin event. Now I’d like to know where I might send a check.

The next day, Yolanda boards Erika’s plane and waits for some of the people she hasn’t yet entirely alienated to join her for the trip to New York. I’m glad she’s able to drum up her strength to fly across the country so she can be honored for something. Both Lisa’s have elected not to join her, but Kyle is there and she will surely report back anything she hears like a good little spy. Kathryn shows up too and immediately apologizes to Erika’s father/husband for behaving like a moron when they first met. I’ll admit it: Kathryn’s having a pretty good showing this week, but all that kind of means is that I didn’t once consider throwing a cinderblock at my TV. Maybe it was just growing pains she exhibited early on. Maybe she’s not a spectacular assh*le, but I think she’s just on her very best behavior right now and first impressions are things that matter. At any rate, as Kathryn repeats, “Don’t tell anyone’s secrets,” to herself over and over again, Kyle presents the idea of the Dubai vacation to Erika and Yolanda, but Yolanda tells her that she doesn’t want to be so far away from home and Erika doesn’t give any sort of response.

Securely on the ground and away from the people they hate, Eileen and Lisa Rinna meet up so Eileen can buy herself some decent luggage that Erika will appreciate. It’s clear that Eileen’s crush on Erika has not yet abated, so I’d like to suggest that she buy four pieces of luggage with letters emblazoned on them in hot pink that, grouped together, will spell out “C*NT.” I mean, does she want to impress the woman or not? These two are not in the store for two f*cking seconds before Eileen sings out her new tagline: “There are a lot of things that have not been addressed.” Listen, I want to reiterate here that I do not dislike Eileen. She’s calm and somewhat rational and she doesn’t throw drinks in people’s faces for sport. But the thing is, she’s wrong here. There are actually far too many things that are being addressed and it’s all happening amongst a group of people who have already made up their minds about all of these matters so rehashing them (again and again and then one more f*cking time) is nothing but a total and complete exercise in futility and it’s really starting to annoy me that Eileen refuses to see that.

Also – and maybe it’s just me – but I feel like it’s Eileen who is being the manipulative one here. Lisa Rinna seems completely blasé about battling with Lisa Vanderpump about anything, but Eileen seems intent on reminding her of how Lisa Vanderpump called Lisa Rinna to tell her that she should be furious about Yolanda’s comments about her being bipolar. Isn’t Eileen just stirring up sh*t now? Since she’s whispering in a luggage store instead of lunging across a dinner table, does that mean we’re supposed to pretend not to notice? And while we’re on the subject of what is not supposed to be crystal f*cking clear, should we just ignore that it appears that Lisa Rinna can be talked into sharing anyone’s opinion about anything as long as it’s stated to her in a hushed tone so she feels like someone’s telling her a secret? You all know that I hate to give Kyle credit for absolutely anything, but she might have hit it on the head when she said that Lisa Rinna is a follower, and that’s really too bad because I kind of like Lisa and I share her beliefs about a bunch of things. Still, her wide-eyed agreement about everything Eileen is saying to her is a bit much for me, as is her reading the definition of the word scapegoat off her phone. Is she going to look up the definition of patsy next?

In New York, the women gather together in a suite decorated with jewels to celebrate Yolanda and Erika, Kathryn, and Kyle wonder if any of the baubles surrounding them are for sale. The prospect doesn’t matter all that much to Erika, though. See, she’s not allowed to buy any jewels because that’s Tom’s job. All she is permitted to do is leak some information about what she might want to Tom’s secretary and hope for the best. You know, there have been some times in my life when I’ve considered whether or not choosing money over real love might actually be the kind of choice I could live with making. While I came to my answer about that question long ago, I still cannot help but admit that Erika is like a walking cautionary tale for me come true.

To complete the magic of this night, Yolanda would like to go onto the rooftop and gaze at the skyline. It’s there that her husband makes a toast about how happy he is that she’s out of bed and not wearing the robe she’s been wrapped in for months. Then the woman of the hour toasts those around her, especially her husband, who she thanks for still being beside her, a toast that now seems far more sad and foreboding because we know what happened to this relationship. It’s upsetting that Yolanda calls herself a shell of the person she used to be. It’s also upsetting that David seems annoyed and inconvenienced by the fact that his wife is sick. There’s just no happy ending here.

It doesn’t look like there will be a ton of happiness spreading across our screens next week either, because that’s when the ladies head off to Dubai so they can trot across the globe to fight about the same things they fight about while they’re in California. Also, Brandi Glanville shows up at Yolanda’s bedside and that reminds me – there is a Step 6 to my plan to avoid Housewives-triggered pain and it is this: Never look directly at Brandi’s face. Sure, you might want to check out the newest advances in terrible Botox, but avoid that urge because there’s a possibility that evil can be transmitted through the airwaves and it’s just safe for humanity in general to hide under some covers and count quietly to one hundred until we’re sure she’s gone away.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need an entertainment palate cleanser. Since my copy of Requiem for a Dream is all the way downstairs, I think I’ll turn on CNN instead and check out the results of the newest primaries because it’s nice to turn your attention to people who don’t take themselves so seriously every once in a while.

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