Quite a night for the BH9ers. Quite a night. I’m pretty sure that’s the first time we’ve seen Adrienne fershnicked. Before we get to that, the news:

* Over the weekend, The Glands got into a Twitter confrontation with LeeAnn Rimes, who had posted that she was traveling for the weekend with “her boys” and how her world just feels more right when they are all together. The Glands bit and replied to all a reminder that they are HER – The Glands’ – boys, and only LeeAnn’s stepchildren… for now. LeeAnn followed up with a post about positivity, of course. Who are LeeAnn’s fans? I know she has a lot of followers on Twitter, but I can’t figure out if they are people who actually like her (and if so, why), or if they are just trying to encourage the train wreck. The Glands would do well to disregard, but I realize then she might not have much of a book, so…

* Kyle told some publication somewhere that even though Adrienne and Lisa are civil and fine, they will never really be friends again. Not with Bernie the Enforcer coming between them they won’t.

* Tay is secretly (or not so secretly, since I’ve read about it online) considering moving to Colorado to be with her attorney boyfriend and take up a normal lifestyle. Good luck with that, and please do it soon.

* We’re getting a new housewife in the 90210 zip code in about two weeks by the name of Marisa Zanuck. She’s a part of the Hollywood Zanuck family, a realtor with Paris Hilton’s dad’s company, and a friend of Kyle’s. She also supposedly didn’t click with Lisa or Tay, so this should be interesting.

* Across the fertile plain, RHONJ has started shooting and among the possible new housewives is someone named Jennifer Dalton. She is a very successful realtor married to a very successful real estate developer, supposedly friends with all the ‘Wives, and has previously appeared on Pregnant In Heels. Apparently Mr. Andy is filming with a wide range of past and future ‘Wives and the official cast will be determined based on what footage they get, which is a sure signal to the basest impulses if there ever was one.

* And finally, former Housewife Kelly Bensimon recently sold her Hamptons property for half the original asking price, which is not a good sign of anything at all.

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