Greetings, and welcome back. Today I will attempt to inject some much needed levity into another otherwise utterly humorless episode of RHOBH. But first, the news:

* Adrienne wants the whole world to know that she’s a cougar and has taken up with none other than Rod Stewart’s 30ish son, whose name I can’t be bothered to look up so we’ll call him Lil’ Rod. A reader has suggested the nickname “OofWart” for them, which I also like. (I am aware Steve has another reader who doesn’t like my Housewife nicknames, but I do and many of them are easier to remember than the actual names of people, so since I’m the one schlepping through this silliness week in and week out I’m going to keep on doing what keeps me amused and hope most of you like it, too.) Anyway. Interestingly, Adrienne’s little relationship was first scooped guess where? RadarOnline! Followed very shortly thereafter by the first (very staged) OofWart photos in the same publication. Really makes you wonder who, between Adrienne and Lisa, has RadarOnline on speed-dial, doesn’t it? Don’t even let me get started on this. You know what I think.

* Also in BH, the Glands/LeAnn war continues. First, LeAnn was on Entertainment Tonight for The Nancy O’Dell Interview (who does Nancy think she is? Giuliana Rancic?) talking about how all this pettiness just gives The Glands more relevance and harms the precious children. Then The Glands was on WWHL last night on which she said she thinks Mr. LeAnn married LeAnn for her money, and that she knows LeAnn watches RHOBH because one of her kids told her it was LeAnn’s favorite show. So LeAnn, of course, went on a Twitterampage, announcing that someone could “KMA”. I hope they are still going to therapy together and that they start filming it to spice things up around here.

* Also in BH Twitter news, that nasty stylist person who was on The Hills and that NY spinoff Twitted over the weekend that she thinks Camille Grammer is a “skanky stripper”. Totally unprovoked! I myself intend to use the stylist as an example to my kids of what happens when you don’t brush your teeth. She looks like Gollum. (I consider my statement provoked, BTW. Don’t mess with my girl Camille.)

* Down the coast, Alexass Bellino turned 36 this weekend in Vegas, where Jumbellino gave her a new eternity ring that may or may not be CZ. Also, rumors are circulating that a RH of San Diego is now casting, seeking Wives in the Del Mar and Rancho Santa Fe areas in particular. I’ve heard of at least four other franchises being cast in the last year and think this one lacks geographic diversity, but time will tell.

* In Atlanta, Kandi is engaged! And she and Kenya are preparing dueling Donkey Booty workout DVDs. I freely admit to being a hoarder of workout DVDs but plan to pass on both.

* And finally: over the weekend Carole Radziwill, who is my best friend among the Housewives, tweeted a whole bunch of photos of a supposed memoir titled “The Madcap Tales of My Year As a Real Housewife of New York” with her pirate photo on the cover. The book has been photographed in the hands of Jon Stewart, Jimmy Kimmel, traveling overseas…. I really don’t Tweet so I don’t know exactly what this is about but hope it doesn’t mean Carole’s first year is also going to be her last. She’s the only one besides us who seems to get that this is meant to be funny.

Back to the show!

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  1. I like the nicknames you give!
    Sometimes I only watch this show to read what you have to say.
    and love it’s exactly what me (and everyone! ) thinks.
    Thanks again!!

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