Hi ho hi ho! You’re back, and so am I. Here’s the news:

* It seems Vic wiped out and injured her neck during her NYE ski trip with the Dubrows and Donn2. Can’t you just hear the yowling now?

* In other “active” news, Melissa Gorga is hinting on Twitter that she and Joe are making a fitness DVD. Speculation abounds that she isn’t really making a video, but is just trying to one-up Teresa who supposedly is going to make a video as part of her “Skinny Italian” empire. I think both ladies should be advised that the market for this is nil and focus on making sprinkle cookies for their PTG bake sales.

* In other New Jersey news, Danielle Staub Tweeted a photo of herself in a white lacy cocktail dress over the weekend, further hyping speculation that she is returning to RHONJ and was dressed as such to attend Gia “Puff Tweeny” Guidice’s all-white 12th birthday party. Champagne snowball!

* Back in California, the Maloofs are supposedly thisclose to selling the Sacramento Kings back to a Seattle-based group who would relaunch them as the Sonics. I am so out of the sports loop I wasn’t aware there no longer was a basketball team in Seattle. Were the Kings once the Super Sonics, and now they are returning?

* And finally, from the Department of Ick, Mo Singer has been very busy telling the Huff Post how hot she and Mario are – hotter, specifically, than Aviva and Reid Drescher. Mo avoids carbs of all kinds and dessert, which permits her to partake of RAMONA Pinot Grigio. I will freely admit that Mo looks fantastic for an AARP member, but I think to be “hot” the public at large has to actually be attracted to you and I don’t believe that to be the case.

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