Why hello! Another painfully lame RHOBH episode, but at least another one that’s Tay-free. It’s been a very busy week for Housewives elsewhere, so let’s hop to it!

– Former NJ Wife Dina Manzo announced on Twitter that she and her husband are separated. In what may or may not be related news, several internet sources have reported a blind item that a reality TV couple’s impending divorce was inevitable from the start, as the male half was gay and living across the street with his boyfriend the whole time.

– Also in NJ, Melissa Gorga’s ex-boyfriend Bulldog has been super busy tweeting threats that he is going to drop an “atomic bomb” on her life this season. Apparently the swing of the storyline this year isn’t too favorable to Melissa. RealityTea observes that Melissa sure has a whole lot of people out to get her, which starts to seem odd after a while.

– On the west coast, Dr. Paul has filed suit against Bernie the Enforcer for extortion and defamation over the photos and other salacious stuff Bernie “leaked” accusing Dr. Paul of abusing Adrienne and the kids. Bernie continues to claim it’s all true, and he will defend Adrienne and the kids against abuse in the name of abused women and children everywhere. Someone wants a cape!

– Also in BH, The Glands’ memoir comes out in a couple of days so various nasty stories about her breakup with Mr. LeAnn are getting into the media to create interest. Among other things, it seems The Glands charged a $12,000 overhaul to her ladybits to Mr. LeAnn’s credit card before he cut her off under the theory that he broke it, he fix it.

– Down in the OC, Gretch has inexplicably gotten some sort of endorsement deal with Rolls Royce, and original Wife Tammy Knickerbocker’s daughter got arrested after a particularly spectacular DUI, complete with several crashed cars and cop fighting.

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